Monday, September 16, 2019

Josh Weller gets back to back Georgetown Wins

Josie McIntyre Photo
GEORGETOWN, DE – Josh Weller has proven that he is the car to beat at Georgetown as the Mertztown, PA native captured the win, for the second season in a row, in the Capitol Renegade United Racing Club 25-lap portion of Wing Night at Georgetown Speedway on Friday, September 13.

Seventeen cars made the trek to Georgetown Speedway for their first and only appearance of 2019 on a full mooned Friday the 13th. Though slightly overcast, it was a great night for racing and the action proved to be some of the best we have seen this year. URC also hosted Kid’s Night where bike’s were given away, goodie bags handed out, and even a few drivers made themselves available to sign autographs. Special thanks to Rita’s Italian Ice of Bethany Beach who was also on-hand to provide the fans at Georgetown a special treat.

Coming into the night second in points to Chad Layton, Weller knew he would need a strong run. Both Layton and Weller won their heat races after some great battles with young guns Ryan Quackenbush and Austin Bishop. It just so happens that number 1 (Layton) and 2 (Weller) in points would also share the front row – Weller on the pole and Layton to his outside - and lead the field to the green flag for the 25-lap feature. One yellow flag flew early in the night as Troy Betts appeared to have some fire under his hood on lap 3. Everything seemed to be alright as Betts would re-fire and join the field. This restart would feature Weller at the point with Layton, and Quackenbush behind him.

When the field took the green it did not take long before our leaders found themselves in lapped traffic. Slicing and dicing their way through the slower cars, Layton was able to show his nose to Weller a few times but was never able to show enough to pass. Showing his strength at Georgetown, Josh Weller went on to win the 25-lap feature just as he did in 2018 with Layton, JJ Grasso, Bishop, and Curt Michael rounding out the top 5.

“Georgetown has always been a good track for us,” Weller said, “it’s always good to get wins, and to get them back to back is great.” Lapped traffic was a big player in Weller’s win, admitting that “lapped traffic got tough at times. In the beginning of the race we caught them at good times, later in the race they were tough to get through.” Looking forward to the last few races of the season, Weller has his eyes on back to back championships; however, he will need to make up some ground on Layton. Weller said, “last night helped us chisel some more off his lead. We are still pushing to repeat as champion and keep the pressure on Chad.” Josh would like to thank his wife, Jess, his kids, his parents, Cory and Kurt for all their support. He also would like to thank his sponsors Schearer’s Sales and Service, McBrothers Overhead Doors, Assured Automation, Bob Hilbert, and Victor Auto Glass.

The KSE Hard Charger for the night went to JJ Grasso who improved four positions from the seventh starting position to finish third. Heat race wins went to Chad Layton and Josh Weller.

The Capitol Renegade United Racing Club is back in action on October 12, 2019 at BAPS Motor Speedway for yet another 358/360 Sprint Car Challenge The point gap between Layton and Weller is down to only 47 points and with only four point races left for the year things are bound to get very interesting!

Photo Credit: Chad Warner

HEAT 1 (8 LAPS): 1. 35-Chad Layton, [3]; 2. 5Q-Ryan Quackenbush, [1]; 3. 5G-Curt Michael, [5]; 4. 25-J.J. Grasso, [7]; 5. 22-Troy Betts, [8]; 6. 7X-Timmy Buckwalter, [9]; 7. 11-Ryan Stillwaggon, [6]; 8. 67C-Jason Cherry, [2]; 9. (DNF) 12D-Steve Downs, [4]

HEAT 2 (8 LAPS): 1. 7-Ed Aikin, [2]; 2. 63-Josh Weller, [4]; 3. 11A-Austin Bishop, [1]; 4. 39-Ryan Watt, [6]; 5. 47-Adam Carberry, [5]; 6. 5Z-Zack Burd, [8]; 7. 117-David Swanson, [3]; 8. 17J-Jonathan Swanson, [7]

FEATURE (25 LAPS): . 1. 63-Josh Weller, [1]; 2. 35-Chad Layton, [2]; 3. 25-J.J. Grasso, [7]; 4. 11A-Austin Bishop, [3]; 5. 5G-Curt Michael, [5]; 6. 47-Adam Carberry, [10]; 7. 39-Ryan Watt, [8]; 8. 7X-Timmy Buckwalter, [11]; 9. 5Q-Ryan Quackenbush, [4]; 10. 22-Troy Betts, [9]; 11. 7-Ed Aikin, [6]; 12. 11-Ryan Stillwaggon, [13]; 13. 117-David Swanson, [14]; 14. 67C-Jason Cherry, [15]; 15. (DNF) 5Z-Zack Burd, [12]; (DNS) 17J-Jonathan Swanson, ; (DNS) 12D-Steve Downs

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