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Nick Sweigart wins 8th Annual Blue-Collar Classic at Port Royal Speedway

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As Zach Newlin and Doug Dodson swapped the lead, 12th starter Nick Sweigart passed them both and went on to win the Keystone RaceSaver Challenge for the 305 Sprint cars Saturday night at
Port Royal Speedway.

Other winners during the annual Blue Collar Classic included track champion Andrew Yoder in the limited late models, Brad Mitch in the extreme stocks and Eric Boozel in the 4-cylinder pure stocks.

Port Royal returns to action Saturday evening with Open Wheel Madness 3 featuring the 410, 360 and 305 sprints cars.

Sweigart's second Port Royal win of the season was worth over $1,100 including bonus money.

“It all played out there on the last lap,” Sweigart said. “Those guys ran a hell of a race the entire race. They were trying their best and I was sitting back there in third and could see what I needed to do.
It all worked out.”

“Doug slid me and then (Sweigart) blows around us on the outside," NewIin said. "I thought I could slide him in three and four, but I didn’t have enough to get in front of him. He must have drove one hell of a race because he pulled 12. It was my race to lose and I lost it. We’ve been running pretty crappy, so I’ll take second.”

After trading the lead with Newlin, Dodson settled for third.

“That was a lot of fun,” Dodson said. “It sucks to end up third, but racing and dicing and running close, I’m grinning to be a part of it. It’s great to be this competitive here for such a big race. We keep
getting better here. Hopefully, we can click off a win soon. To be racing for the win in such a huge race is just awesome. I was in Germany all week and couldn’t help. They had a really nice piece

Newlin controlled the race after immediately taking the lead from his second starting spot.

Third starter Doug Dodson closed in on Newlin when they started lapping cars. Sweigart, meanwhile, was pounding the top advancing forward from his 12th starting spot.

Sweigart, of Myerstown, took third with 10 laps to go and quickly closed on the top two.

“I didn’t know how lapped traffic was going to play out,” Sweigart said. “I knew we were right there. We just needed something to go our way. I definitely had the car. The crew had it hooked up. It all
panned out. This is awesome. This one was on my bucket list.”

Dodson pressured Newlin for the lead, but Newlin kept him at bay and put a lapped car in between them.

But, the only yellow of the 25-lap feature flew with three laps to go.

Dodson and Newlin swapped the lead at each end of the speedway following the restart. Sweigart waited patiently in third until the final lap when he made the winning move beating Newlin and Dodson. Garrett Bard and Christian Rumsey completed the top five.

National RaceSaver Champion, Pennsylvania State Champion, and Pennsylvania Sprint Series Champion Ken Duke Jr. raced from the 21st starting spot to finish sixth earning the Hard Charger Award. He also leads the Port Royal points.

“We were not good earlier tonight,” Duke said. “In the heat race, I screwed up on the start. I made so many mistakes and it put us behind the eight-ball. We got it going a little bit in the B-main. I knew
we’d be good in the feature, but I didn’t know we’d be that good. I wish there was a few more cautions. I’ll take it 21st to sixth at Port Royal in biggest race of the year against the best competition in the country. I’ll take that any day.”

Kevin Adams, Kevin Nagy, Jeff Geiges and Jaremi Hanson rounded out the top 10.

Dodson set overall quick time with a lap of 18.782. Heat races for the 50 cars were won by Nagy, Rumsey, Sweigart, Statler, Kepner and Scott

Kassidy Kreitz took the lead from Drew Ritchey on the final lap to win the Founder’s Cup race for the 305 non-qualifiers. Ritchey led the first 14 laps before Kreitz’s inside move coming off turn four. She is a guaranteed starter for next year’s RaceSaver Challenge. It was her second win in the event. Ritchey, Jay Krout, Justin Clark and Wally Eshenaur completed the top five.

In the 25-lap feature for the Mason-Dixon limited late models, it was track champion Andrew Yoder dominating the event for his seventh win of the season. He earned $1,500.

Devin Hart came out on top of a torrid battle for second in the closing laps. Justin Weaver, Dillan Stake and Chad Myers completed the top five.  Trent Brenneman, Shawn Shoemaker, James Lichliter, Derick Garman and Ryan Zook rounded out the top 10.

Stake, Yoder, Weaver and Hart won the heat races.

Brad Mitch won the 15-lap extreme stock feature after taking the lead from Pete Leister. Brandon Moser, Dustin Hoffman and Kevin Imes completed the top five.

Eric Boozel won the 15-lap main event for the 4-cylinder pure stocks. Adam Campbell, Justin Williamson, Tim Campbell and Ricky Weaver Jr. completed the top five.

Keystone RaceSaver Challenge 305 Sprint Car Feature (25 laps): 1. Nick Sweigart. 2. Zach Newlin. 3. Doug Dodson. 4. Garrett Bard. 5. Christian Rumsey. 6. Ken Duke Jr. 7. Devin Adams. 8. Kevin Nagy. 9. Jeff Geiges. 10. Jaremi Hanson. 11. Ian Cumens. 12. Kenny Heffner. 13. Jonathan Jones. 14. Erin Statler. 15. Dylan Proctor. 16. Jon Haegele. 17. Tim Tanner. 18. Brad Mellott. 19. Scott Frack. 20. Domenic Melair. 21. Cruz Kepner. 22. Ryan Lynn. 23. Larry McVay. 24. Kyle Keen

Founder’s Cup (15 laps): 1. Kassidy Kreitz. 2. Drew Ritchey. 3. Jay Krout. 4. Justin Clark. 5. Wally Eshenaur. 6. Mike Alleman. 7. Nathan Gramley. 8. Jared Zionkowski. 9. John Fiore. 10. Derek Hauck. 11. Will Brunson. 12. Dave Guss. 13. Fred Arnold. 14. Daren Bolac. 15. Chase Metheney. 16. Cassandra Minimum. 17. Jimmy White. 18. Matthew Kline. 19. Dave Graber. 20. Tylor Cochran. 21. Joe Kay. 22. Keith Prutzman. 23. Tom Humphries. 24. Roger Irvine. 25. Jake Waters. 26. Tom

Mason-Dixon Limited Late Models (25 laps): 1. Andrew Yoder. 2. Devin Hart. 3. Justin Weaver. 4. Dillan Stake. 5. Chad Myers. 6. Trent Brenneman. 7. Shawn Shoemaker. 8. James Lichliter. 9. Derick Garman. 10. Ryan Zook. 11. Jared Fulkroad. 12. Shawn Shoemaker. 13. Tim Krape. 14. Brad McGinnis. 15. Kenny Yoder. 16. Craig Wagaman. 17. Randy Burkholder. 18. Todd Snook. 19. Matt Cochran. 20. Donnie Farlling. 20. Curt Dunn. 21. Devin Frey. 22. Joseph Hoffer. 23. Brad Omps. 24. Steve Todorow.

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