Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Pad The Purse Program Takes Shape for 2020

Sarver, PA (October 23, 2019) Lernerville Speedway is pleased to announce a new program for 2020 that will be of great benefit to drivers throughout the entire season. A partnership between Lernerville and new sponsor Phil DiLucente, head of Phil DiLucente and Associates LLC, Attorneys at Law will provide for enhanced purses and point fund for the coming year for all Fab4 weekly divisions and will also feature a unique format in doing so. The “Pad the Purse Program” which DiLucente and Lernerville set into action last week, will provide additional purse money and points funds via a generous sponsorship from DiLucente that will allow $2,000 to current purses on Fab4 Friday night’s with a commitment that amounts to $30,000. Every division of Fab4 racing will have a chance to obtain the Pad The Purse money for every feature race. 70061203517721540414250.jpeg Weekly Fab4 Racing Guidelines

$2,000 will be provided for additional purse money to be split equally between two of the four divisions ($1,000) for each division, to be awarded equally to drivers who finish in the top ten of their main event at $100.00 each position. The two divisions that receive the additional purse money will be determined by a pill draw which will take place after all heat races and before all main events take place. The pill draw will be done by the sponsor of the program or his designee. In the event that a division is drawn three races in a row, another pill draw will occur and that division will split the $1,000 with the third division 50/50. Each of those divisions will receive $500 to be awarded equally to each of the first ten feature finishers in the amount of $50. Any division which receives an award of Pad the Purse money three races in a row in any amount goes back to zero for the next race and the “three in a row” determination will resume. If there are less than ten feature finishers as determined by track rules, the Pad the Purse money which would have been awarded to the nonexistent finishers will be moved into the annual points fund and divided per the rules described below. If a rain out occurs, and the rained out race is not made up, the $2,000 designated for that race will be moved into the annual points fund and divided per the rules described below.

Points Fund Guidelines

$2,000 will be added to the points fund, divided equally among all four divisions ($500 for each division), then awarded equally among the top ten finishers at $50 dollars each. Any money moved into the points fund from the Fab4 races will be divided equally among all four divisions and then divided equally among the top ten finishers of each division.

All drivers participating in the Pad the Purse program are required to place a track approved sponsor sticker on the race car. We would like to officially welcome Phil DiLucente to our racing family at The Action Track and thank him for his commitment which will help racers earn more in 2020. Phil has been ranked as one of the top 100 trial attorneys in the country and one of the top 100 defense attorneys in the nation as well, and his firm is committed to getting results for their clients. The firm handles both civil and criminal litigation. You can get to know more about Phil and his practice you can visit his website at

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