Monday, March 09, 2020

2020 CHAMPION RACING OIL/ CENTRAL PA SPRINT CARS with associate sponsors; Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic, Maxim Chassis, Capitol Renegade, Fast Tees, J&S Fabrication

After Four Races 2019 Champion Danny Dietrich Is On Top Of The Points
  The Champion Racing Oil/ Central PA Sprint Cars have four races in the books already for the 2020 season. Danny Dietrich, Dylan Cisney and Brandon Rahmer won the first three shows at Lincoln Speedway. Brandon Rahmer's win came this past Saturday March 7th with his brother Freddie finishing third. On Sunday March 8th All Star invader Cory Eliason took the win over Brent Marks and Logan Wagner for opening day at Port Royal Speedway.

The Champion Racing Oil/ Central PA Sprint Cars continue this weekend with three shows on the schedule. Lincoln Speedway & Port Royal Speedway both run Saturday March 14th with Williams Grove Speedway having opening day on Sunday March 15th.

2019 series champion Danny Dietrich leads the points over brothers Freddie and Brandon Rahmer.

Champion Racing Oil,, Maxim Chassis, Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic, Capitol Renegade, Fast Tees  and J&S Fabrication have all provided towards this point series.
  Product discount certificates sponsors include Wings Unlimited, Panchos Racing Products, Kreitz Oval Track Parts, Keizer Aluminum Wheels,  Zemco Speed Equipment, Triple X Race Co, ATL Fuel Cells, Smith Titanium, Indy Race Parts, King Racing Products, Rider Racing Engines, Racing Electronics, Red Robin, DMI Inc,  Caskey Group & AL Driveline. 
Without the above sponsors the point series payout would not be possible. Thank you to all of them.


Listing; Position, Car Number, Driver, Points, Series Wins
After; 3/8/20
1. 48 Danny Dietrich  110 1
2. 51 Freddie Rahmer  99
3. 88 Brandon Rahmer  93 1
4. 5 Dylan Cisney   62 1
5. 26 Cory Eliason   60 1
6. 3z Brock Zearfoss  45
7. 39M Anthony Macri  40
8. 5 Brent Marks   35
8. 1s Logan Schuchart  35
10. 1 Logan Wagner  30
10. 8 Billy Dietrich   30
10. 21 Brian Montieth  30
10. 87 Alan Krimes   30
14. 2w Glenndon Forsythe  28
15. 24 Lucas Wolfe   26
16. 69K Lance Dewease  25
17. 07 Gerard McIntyre Jr  20
18. 83 Lynton Jeffrey  16
18. 72 Ryan Smith   16
18. 99M Kyle Moody   16
21. 12 Blane Heimbach  14
21. 73B Brett Michalski  14
21. 5E Tim Wagaman  14
24. 59 Jim Siegel   12
25. 91 Tony Fiore   10
25. 57J Jeff Miller   10

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