Monday, May 11, 2020

Selinsgrove Speedway Responds To Assertions It Didn’t Have State Approval To Race May 9, Issues Timeline Of Approval Process

Selinsgrove, Pa - As work continues by Selinsgrove Speedway officials and state representatives to clear the way for the oval to host “Posse Unleashed,” a non-social, non-public 410 sprint car event now slated for next Saturday, May 16, the speedway does stand in opposition to a public narrative put forward on May 8 by state officials that denies the fact that the oval ever received approval from the state to originally conduct the exciting event on May 9.

To that end, the speedway is happy to provide the following timeline and a description of the events that yielded approval from the state for the May 9 race during the last 10 days. 

Planning for reopening the speedway began on April 24 and an initial inquiry to Penn Township officials was greeted with positive response after which a follow up letter was sent via email.

The speedway next spoke via telephone with personnel at the State Police, Troop F, based in Selinsgrove. Oval plans to reopen were approved by Sate Police, provided permission was granted to the speedway by the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development.

A letter requesting such permission and describing the plan to reopen was next sent via email to the DCED on May 4.

Later that same day, a reply email to the speedway’s letter was received from the DCED, quoted as follows:

“DCED is good with approval from PSP.” 

In addition, the speedway received corresponding email from state representatives involved in the effort, quoted as follows:

“Go race! And provide your method to everyone else as best practices!” 

On Tuesday, May 5, an email was received by the speedway from the DCED that outlined best practices to be followed at the event, quoted as:

“Please review and practice the guidance provided in attachments.  Additional resources can be found on the Department of Health’s Website.” 

On Wednesday, May 6 a phone call from the DCED informed the speedway that the event scheduled for Saturday, May 9 at Selinsgrove Speedway could not take place.  The reasoning given was that a section in the DCED FAQ section had been changed to include “racetracks”

A follow up email from the DCED provided a link to the FAQ sections cited.

The terms “updated” and “revised” were used within the FAQ section, which was “updated” at 4:45 pm, May 6, 2020. 

The aforementioned revisions and updates clearly indicate that a change was dictated to the DCED by another government entity.

It is without question that Selinsgrove Speedway email exchanges between, and conversations with government officials granted the track permission to proceed with the scheduled May 9 event.  Of this fact, the track has no doubt nor was there ever any indication that it should have any doubt until the Wednesday afternoon phone call.

And indeed PA State Representative David Rowe supported this assertion during an interview with a local television station on May 8. 

It is important to note that Selinsgrove Speedway has no desire or intention to make unwarranted implications against the officials with whom we had discussions concerning the event planned for May 9. 

 To the contrary the track has the utmost respect and admiration for local officials, law enforcement personnel and the dedicated officials and staff members of the DCED.

As Pennsylvanians we are all indebted to these public servants for their tireless efforts in the quest for a return to normalcy. 

We would never consider impugning the integrity of those officials who worked with us in this effort. 

“Posse Unleashed” is now slated to take place this week, on May 16 at 7 pm. 

The special 410 sprint car program will be carried live, pay per view on for a price of $24.95.

Selinsgrove Speedway is looking forward to the big event.

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