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Mark Smith Wins Fifth URC Kramer Kup At Selinsgrove Saturday Rine and Jones claim stock cars

Photo courtesy of Selinsgrove Speedway

Mark Smith stormed to the fifth Kramer Kup win of his career at Selinsgrove Speedway on
Saturday night, besting the URC Sprints for laurels in the 8th running of the Kramer
Williamson Memorial event, run in honor of the track’s late champion and URC stalwart.
Jeff Rine of Danville won his second super late model main in as many weeks at the track on
Saturday to score career win 111 in the division at the oval while Jake Jones scored his
second win of the season in roadrunner action.

Dallas Schott of Myerstown started on the pole of the 30-lap Kramer Kup with Derek Locke
to his outside.

Schott motored into the lead when action began with third starter Mark Smith of Sunbury
blasting up to second on the start.

Smith at first appeared ready to storm by Schott during the first two circuits but after nearly
colliding with the leader when he hopped the first turn cushion on the second lap, Smith
instead fell back while Schott pulled away.

By lap eight, Schott had a 1.693 second lead over Smith but when the leader entered traffic,
Smith made up dramatic ground, allowing him to drive up on the leader’s tail.
It was lap 11 when Smith blasted by for the lead, just seconds before a caution flag bunched
the field.

At the halfway point, Smith was in control over Schott, Jason Shultz, Locke and Adam

Smith hit traffic with 10 laps to go while Locke and Shultz traded the third spot and Chad
Layton challenged Carberry for fifth.
With five laps to go, Smith had a lead of more than seven seconds as Locke got by Schott
for the runner up spot.

Schott then faded backward as Smith headed for the checkers worth $3,073 ahead of the
field by 6.511 seconds at the finish.
Locke rode home second followed by Jason Shultz, Adam Carberry and Chad Layton.
Sixth through 10th went to Josh Weller, Ryan Kissinger, Schott, Joe Kata III and Davie

Twin heat races went to Weller and Locke.

Rine pulled a two in the feature redraw to start the 25-lap super late model main and wired
the field for the victory.

Andy Haus drove from fourth to second on the start but eventually fell victim to seventh
starter Dylan Yoder who was motoring the top groove to the front of the pack.
Yoder bypassed Haus for second on lap 12 but was 5.499 seconds back of leader Rine
when he crossed the line.

A yellow flag with three laps to go put Yoder on Rine’s tail for a shot at the lead but Rine
jetted to the win by 4.011 seconds.

Yoder was second followed by Bryan Bernheisel, Haus and Jim Yoder.
Sixth through 10th went to Brett Schadel, Coleby Frye, Jim Bernheisel, Hayes Mattern and
Dave Brouse Jr.

Heats were taken by Rine and Haus.

Keith Bissinger of Orangeville led the first nine laps of the 12-lap roadrunner main before
fourth starter Jake Jones got alongside for the lead.
Jones had pressured Bissinger from the start but was only able to make a pass with two laps
to go.

The pair of leaders raced up close to the wall in the first turn on the final lap with Jones
getting by for his second speedway win of the season.
Bissinger settled for second followed by Will Brunson, Curtis Lawton and Terry Kramer.
Heats went to Jimmy Kessler and John Schreffler.

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Feature Finishes, 6/27/20
URC 360 sprints, 30 laps: 1. Mark Smith, 2. Derek Locke, 3. Jason Shultz, 4. Adam
Carberry, 5. Chad Layton, 6. Josh Weller, 7. Ryan Kissinger, 8. Dallas Schott, 9. Joe Kata
III., 10. Davie Franek, 11. Kyle Smith, 12. Ryan Stillwaggon, 13. Brandon McGough, 14.
Austin Bishop, 15. Ed Aikin, 16. Mike Kohler, 17. Jason Wagner, 18. Todd Gracey, 19. Cody

Super late models, 25 laps: 1. Jeff Rine, 2. Dylan Yoder, 3. Bryan Bernheisel, 4. Andy Haus,
5. Jim Yoder, 6. Brett Schadel, 7. Coleby Frye, 8. Jim Bernheisel, 9. Hayes Mattern, 10.
Dave Brouse Jr., 11. Ken Trevitz, 12. Danny Snyder, 13. Scott Flickinger, 14. Kyle Knapp,
15. Deshawn Gingerich, 16. Ernie Millon, 17. Kirk Baker, 18. Dick Houtz, 19. Nathan Long,
20. Dave Stamm

Roadrunner, 12 laps: 1. Jake Jones, 2. Keith Bissinger, 3. Will Brunson, 4. Curtis Lawton, 5.
Terry Kramer, 6. John Schreffler, 7. Scott Dunham Jr., 8. Tom Underwood, 9. Dustin Snook,
10. Ken Schreffler, 11. Bill Cooper, 12. Miranda Minium, 13. Jimmy Kessler, 14. Cory
Lindenmuth, 15. Johnny Palm, 16. Kevin Dobson
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