Sunday, July 12, 2020

Kissinger Climbs To Selinsgrove 360 Open Victory Lane For Biggest Career Win

By Shawn Brouse
Selinsgrove, Pa. – Ryan Kissinger of Bloomsburg scored the biggest win of his sprint car career at Selinsgrove Speedway on Saturday night, walking off with the 20th annual, 30-lap National Open for 360 sprint cars worth $5,000.

The 305 sprint main saw hometown driver Ken Duke Jr. score the victory while the limited late model main went to Jared Fulkroad.

The racing program was delayed several hours by intermittent rains that hit the track just prior to starting time but after the surface was worked back into shape, the beautiful smooth track produced soaring speeds for the sprint cars and late models.

Johnathan Preston of Romulus, New York grabbed the early lead in the 360 Open followed by third starter Kissinger aboard his No. 66.

Preston had Kissinger challenging from the start as the pair raced by the flagstand lap after lap nose to tail for control.

Kissinger made good time on the high side in the third and fourth turns and nearly snagged the lead first on the third circuit before falling back in line only to complete the pass a lap later.

Preston then charged back to Kissinger’s outside as the pair throttled into the first corner on lap five but Kissinger was able to bite fast on the bottom exiting the corner to remain in command.

Preston tried again in the same set of turns the next time around to regain control but again Kissinger was up to the task and he entered the rear of the field with 10 laps in the books.

The only caution flag of the event unfurled on the 12th lap, placing Preston, Davie Franek, Adam Carberry and Mark Smith in line for the restart.

Preston was unable to challenge on the restart and by lap 21, Kissinger was again working the rear of the field.

The leader then nearly gave the race away in traffic with five laps to go when contact with a lapped car low in the middle of the first and second turns found him turn the car sideways and nearly spin.

Luckily, his advantage over the field at that point was large enough so that he was able to right his sprinter and maintain control.

Preston however was able to close somewhat on Kissinger during the final two laps, crossing the line less than a half straightaway behind, a margin of .908 seconds.

The win was Kissinger’s sixth at the Snyder County speedplant.

Davie Franek finished in third followed by Mark Smith and Adam Carberry.

Sixth through 10th went to Derek Locke, Ryan Smith, Paulie Cologiovanni, Jesse Pruchnick and Austin Bishop.

Heats went to Kissinger, Smith and Franek.

Ken Duke Jr. would lead all 20 laps of the 305 sprint main as second and third spots changed several times during the event.

Doug Dodson took second from Derek Hauck on the eighth tour but not before Hauck raced in Duke’s shadow for the lead the first four laps.

Garrett Bard motored into third, around Hauck with eight laps to go but then had Devin Adams take over the spot with five laps to go.

Meanwhile, Duke cruised out in front to the victory by 2.512 seconds.

It was his third career win at his hometown track.

Dodson rode home second followed by Adams, Jake Frye and Bard.

Heats went to Will Brunson, Jaremi Hanson, Adams and Fred Arnold with Kyle Keen taking the consolation race.

Jared Fulkroad won the limited late model main to score his second career win at the track by leading all 15 laps over Todd Snook.

JR Toner, Zach Kauffman and Shaun Miller rounded out the top five finishers.

Heats went to Fulkroad and Snook.

Feature Finishes, 7/11/20:

360 Sprints Cars

30-Lap A-Main: 1) 66 Ryan Kissinger 2) 22 Jonathan Preston 3) 28F Davie Franek 4) M1 Mark Smith 5) 47 Adam Carberry 6) 77 Derek Locke 7) 72 Ryan Smith 8) 10 Paulie Colagiovanni 9) 42 Jesse Prunchnik 10) 11A Austin Bishop 11) 5K Jake Karklin 12) 11 Ryan Stillwaggon 13) 1 Scott Flammer 14) 90 Matt Tanner 15) 5B Justin Barger 16) 7T Mike Thomas 17) 669 Brandon McGough 18) 17 Jason Wagner DNS 19) 12 Blane Heimbach DNS 20) 22K Mike Kohler DNS 21) 22 Troy Betts DNS 22) 10K Joe Kata III DNS 23) 46 Ryan Covian DNS 24) 5G Curt Michael DNS 25) 63 Josh Weller DNS

305 Sprint Cars

20-Lap A-Main: 1) 67 Ken Duke (6.25920 New Track Record) 2) 20 Doug Dodson 3) 99A Devin Adams 4) 56 Jake Frye 5) 95 Garrett Bard 6) 2H Derek Hauck 7) 36 Jaremi Hanson 8) 39X Scott Frack 9) 69 Landon Price 10) 88 Fred Arnold 11) 61 Johnny Scarborough 12) 86 Ron Aurand 13) 17K Kyle Keen 14) 8 Nick Sweigart 15) 1 Rowdy Heffner 16) 55 Dominic Melair 17) 25 Dustin Young 18) 51 Dave Graber 19) 6R Reed Thompson 20) 8B Will Brunson 21) 71 Josh Spicer 22) 19 Kruz Kepner 23) 69K Kassidy Kreitz 24) 23 Nathan Gramley

DNQ: Rick Romig, Drew Boyer, Erin Statler, Jeff Miller, Dylan Proctor, Randy Sterling, Jason Poust, Jimmy White, Branstin Shue, Ian Cumens

Limited Late Models

15-Lap A-Main: 1) 12K Jared Fulkroad 2) 23 Todd Snook 3) 11 JR Toner 4) 08 Zach Kauffman 5) 115 Shaun Miller 6) 85 Chad Earnst 7) 22 Casey Steinhoff 8) 77 Scott Dunham Jr. 9) 89 John Schoch 10) 32 Ethan Beasom 11) 11B Jake Buck 12) 68R Kevin Probst DNS 13) 10M Brad Mitch DNS

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