Sunday, July 26, 2020

Shultz Powers To First 410 Sprint Win For Himself And Team At Selinsgrove Saturday

By Shawn Brouse
Selinsgrove, Pa. – Jason Shultz of Carlisle scored the $3,000 Summer Championship for Modern Heritage 410 sprint cars at Selinsgrove Speedway on Saturday night, taking his first career 410 sprint win anywhere while also scoring a first for his new No. 35 race team.

A former Selinsgrove Speedway limited sprint car track champion, Shultz owns 21 career limited wins at the oval.

Andy Haus of Hamburg took the win in the Summer Championship for super late models, also pocketing $3,000 for his 25 laps of work while holding off Jeff Rine.

The victory was the third of Haus’ career at the speedway.

The Roadrunner 20 was taken by 19th starter Jake Jones.

The first lap of the 25-lap Summer Championship for super sprints was red flagged when front row starter Anthony Fiore got sideways in the third turn while running third and collected sixth starter Dylan Norris.

Shultz then started the race second and took the lead over fourth starter Mark Smith on lap one.

But before Shultz could settle into a rhythm, the yellow flag appeared on the second circuit.

Shultz restarted with Smith, Brad Howard, Kyle Reinhardt and Chase Dietz lined up behind.

Reinhardt rocketed into third when action resumed while Shultz pulled away, entering the rear of the field on the ninth circuit.

At the halfway point, Shultz was well out in front while Smith and Reinhardt raced hard for second spot.

A yellow flag with eight laps to go wiped out a near one-second lead held by Shultz and it placed Reinhardt on his tail for the new green after taking second the lap before.

Reinhardt tried to take a look down low in the first turn when green reappeared but Shultz jetted away on the cushion and had a 2.3 second lead with three laps to go when a final yellow flag bunched the field.

Shultz pulled away to the win over the final one and one-half miles of the event to take the victory by 2.064 second over Reinhardt, ninth starter Dylan Cisney, Smith and 11th starter Justin Whittall.

Sixth through 10th went to Chase Dietz, Derek Locke, Curt Stroup, Nicole Bower and Kyle Smith.

Heats went to Dietz and Norris.

The start of the super late model main was stopped when eight cars connected in the second corner on the opening lap.

Polesitter Any Haus took the lead over Tim Wilson upon the completion of the first lap with Ken Trevitz in third.

Fourth starter Jeff Rine took third on the second lap.

Haus had just entered traffic on the sixth tour when a caution flag cleared the track in front of him and Rine took second away from Wilson on the restart by darting underneath in the first corner.

Another restart on lap eight put Rine on Haus’ bumper for a restart but Haus got away and had a near two-second lead at the halfway point.

A caution flag with 10 laps to go erased a 2.056 second lead held by Haus but he built that same margin up again when action resumed by pulling away from Rine, who failed to challenge for the win.

Ninth starter Dylan Yoder rode home third followed by Brett Schadel and Jim Yoder.

Sixth through 10th went to Tim Wilson, Andrew Yoder, Donnie Schick, Hayes Mattern and Nathan Long.

Heats went to Wilson, Schadel and Kyle Knapp.

Second starter Curtis Lawton led from the start until lap 18 of the Roadrunner 20 when 19th starter Jake Jones got by for the lead and win.

Lawton had withstood numerous restarts, racing with Terry Kramer for control before Jones moved into second.

The win was Jones’ third at the track this season and he took home $1,0000 for the win.

Keith Bissinger, involved in an early race accident, came back for third.

Darren Rice and Jimmy Kessler rounded out the top five finishers.

Heats went to Will Brunson and Lawton.

Feature Finishes, 7/25/20:

410 Sprints Cars

25-Lap A-Main: 1) 35 Jason Shultz 2) 91 Kyle Reinhardt 3) 5 Dylan Cisney 4) 38 Mark Smith 5) 67 Justin Whittal 6) 75 Chase Dietz 7) 77 Derek Locke 8) 19 Curt Stroup 9) 75 Nicole Bower 10) 17 Kyle Smith 11) 49H Bradley Howard 12) 07 Colby Womer 13) 24 Dustin Baney 14) 22 Tanner Brown 15) 17 Jason Wagner 16) 44 Dylan Norris 17) 91 Anthony Fiorre 18) 4 Dwight Leppo

Super late models

25-Lap A-Main: 1) 76 Andy Haus 2) 2J Jeff Rine 3) 24 Dylan Yoder 4) 22 Brett Schadel 5) 27 Jim Yoder 6) 3 Tim Wilson 7) 2 Andrew Yoder 8) 6 Donnie Schick 9) 9 Hayes Mattern 10) 63 Nathan Long 11) 15 Scott Flickinger 12) 11B Jake Buck 13) 10 Dave Stamm 14) 61 Ken Trevitz 15) 33K Kyle Knapp 16) 14 Bill Conrad 17) 89 John Schoch 18) 14Z Dave Brouse Jr. 19) 46 Dan Green 20) 17 Nick Dickson 21) 0 DeShawn Gingerich 22) 57 Jon Rohacevich


20-Lap A-Main: 1) 7 Jake Jones 2) 33 Curtis Lawton 3) 11 Keith Bissinger 4) 8R Daren Rice 5) 60 Jimmy Kessler 6) 11H Nate Hill 7) 12 Tom Underwood 8) 56 Bill Cooper 9) 992 Terry Kramer 10) 28 Miranda Minium 11) 14 Cory Lindenmuth 12) 70J John Schreffler 13) 25J Nathan Romig 14) 8 Will Brunson 15) 1 Smith Cope 16) 32 Ken Schreffler 17) 41 Ben Leister 18) 128 Scott Dunham Jr. 19) 0 Tom Brunson 20) Marlin Dunham

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