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Lance Dewease Scores Selinsgrove 5K Jack Gunn Memorial Saturday, Gives Owner Kreitz First Trip Back To Oval Winner’s Circle In 27 Years Yoder and Lawton share stock car wins

 Selinsgrove, Pa. – Lance Dewease of Fayetteville drove to victory in the 30-lap Jack Gunn Memorial for 410 sprint cars at Selinsgrove Speedway on Saturday night, scoring the $5,000 payday aboard the Don Kreitz Jr.-owned No. 69K for the 15th win of his career at the oval.

In the 20-lap limited late model main, Andrew Yoder of Middleburg scored for the third time this season at the track to pick up $1,200 for the win that was also his 10th overall of the season.

And in the roadrunner feature, Curtis Lawton raced with Jake Jones for the race right down to the final turn to get the win in the win.

Dewease started on the pole of the Jack Gunn Memorial for sprint cars flanked by Dylan Cisney and raced to stay ahead of Cisney as the pair jetted into the first turn when action began.

Dewease entered the rear of the field on the sixth tour and watched as Cisney darted to his inside as the pair rode into turn one.

However the leader was able to fend off the challenge and sling back around to hold command onto the backchute just before the first caution period of the race occurred on the same lap.

On the restart, Anthony Macri blasted under Cisney for second only to see Cisney sling around and reclaim the spot not once, but twice as the pair executed the same moves again the next time around.

The race was then again slowed with nine laps completed for a spin, finding Cisney, Macri, Brock Zearfoss and Mark Smith lined up for the new green.

Dewease avoided a challenge on the restart as Macri again went after Cisney only this time Macri proved successful, securing second on lap 11.

Jay Galloway then slowed with 17 laps to go, again bunching the field.

Dewease kept Macri at bay as the race went through the mid-stages and again entered traffic with six laps to go.

A final yellow flag slowed the pace with four laps to go only to see Dewease pull out to a 3.359 second advantage at the finish over Macri.

The checkered flag was Dewease’s first at the track since 2014 and it marked car owner Don Kreitz’s first trip to victory lane at the track in 27 years when he last took an oval win albeit as a driver.

Cisney was third followed by Zearfoss and Jeff Halligan.

Sixth through 10th went to TJ Stutts, Lucas Wolfe, Mark Smith, Justin Whittal and Kyle Reinhardt.

Heats went to Cisney and Macri.

Andrew Yoder was chased by Jared Fulkroad all through the limited late model main but Yoder proved flawless in the event.

For the last half of the race, the machines of Joe Lusk, Jim Yoder and Danny Snyder staged a three-way race for fourth with Yoder holding the spot at times.

In the end as Andrew Yoder took the win by .695 seconds over Fulkroad, Lusk and Jim Yoder rode home fourth and fifth with Mike Smith crossing the line in third.

Sixth through 10th went to Danny Snyder, Todd Snook, JR Toner, Kevin Probst and Matt Murphy.

Heats went to Andrew Yodeer, Toner and Harold Ranck.

Scott Dunham Jr. led the first two laps of the roadrunner main before fifth starter Curtis Lawton got control and began a battle with Jake Jones.

Jones went out front on lap five and then was pressured by Lawton the rest of the distance for the win.

The duo raced side by side for lap 11 and crossed the start/finish line in a dead heat for control.

Lawton then stuck inside Jones through the first turn and down the backstretch before clawing his way out front as the pair traversed the fourth corner.

Lawton then surged to the line to steal the win away from Jones.

Daren Rice finished third followed by Keith Bissinger and Dunham.

Heats went to Dunham and Rice.

Feature Finishes, 8/29/20

410 sprints, 30 Laps: 1) 69K Lance Dewease 2) 39M Anthony Macri 3) 5 Dylan Cisney 4) 3Z Brock Zearfoss 5) 45 Jeff Halligan 6) 11 TJ Stutts 7) 24 Lucas Wolfe 8) 38 Mark Smith 9) 67 Justin Whittal 10) 91R Kyle Reinhardt 11) 12 Blane Heimbach 12) 33W Michael Walter 13) 24B Dustin Baney 14) 35 Tyler Reeser 15) 19 Curt Stroup 16) 35 Jason Shultz 17) 17B Steve Buckwalter 18) 17W Jason Wagner 19) 27G Jay Gallaway 20) 15 Tyler Templin

Limited Late Models, 20-Laps: 1) 2Y Andrew Yoder 2) 12K Jared Fulkroad 3) 57 Mike Smith 4) 20 Joe Lusk 5) 42 Jim Yoder 6) 44 Danny Snyder 7) 23 Todd Snook 8) 11T JR Toner 9) 68R Kevin Probst 10) 21M Matt Murphy 11) 92 Shaun Lawton 12) 08 Zach Kauffman 13) 99 Kyle Bachman 14) 11B Jake Buck 15) 2 Dan Zechman 16) 32 Ethan Beasom 17) 89 John Schoch 18) 49 Zach Fedorchik 19) 02 Tommy Cordell 20) 14 Bill Conrad 21) 17jr Dave Bowsman 22) 00 Harold Ranck 23) 38 Scott Landis 24) 27 Kaiden Ranck 25) 77 Jim Farley 26) 1T Tim Murphy

Roadrunners, 12-Laps: 1) 1) 33 Curtis Lawton 2) 7 Jake Jones 3) 8R Daren Rice 4) 11 Keith Bissinger 5) 77 Scott Dunham Jr. 6) 8 Will Brunson 7) 7jr Johnny Palm 8) 12 Tom Underwood 9) 992 Terry Kramer 10) 14 Cory Lindenmuth 11) 25J Nathan Romig 12) 0 Kevin Dobson 13) 28 Miranda Minium 14) 56 Bill Cooper 15) 63 Willy Holmes 16) 70J John Schreffler 17) 60 Jimmy Kessler 18) 11H Nate Hill 19) 51 Hunter Whitcomb 20) 32 Ken Schreffler

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