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Jacobus Scores First Career Victory at Clinton County

 Mill Hall, PA – Aaron Jacobus of Corning NY topped the field of 26 RaceSaver Sprint Cars Friday night at the Clinton County Speedway.  Noah Jensen of Nescopeck won his second Pro Stock feature of the season.  Timmy Bitner of Beech Creek was victorious in both the 270 and 600 feature events.  Sam Creveling was the winner of the 4 cylinder division.

Aaron Jacobus started on the front row by luck of the draw.  Jacobus led the field as they came out of turn four to lead lap one over Larry McVay of Bordentown, NJ.  By lap number seven, Jacobus, McVay, Dale Schweikart of Linden, Josh Beamer of Picture Rocks, and Dakota Schweikart of Linden began to encounter lapped traffic.  The 3/8th mile oval created excitement with sprint cars racing for position around all four corners of the speedway.   

The events only caution came out on lap number 11 for Reed Thompson who stopped on the speedway.  On the restart, Jacobus held off the challenges from McVay and Schweikart who were in a contested battle for second.  Schweikart won that battle on lap number thirteen.   Tylor Cochran of Williamsport, who started eleventh, moved into the top five at the race’s mid-way point, and took the fourth position one circuit later.  On lap 16, the leaders again were in heavy lapped traffic.  Schweikart began to gain on Jacobus, but how each driver navigated through lapped traffic could be the deciding factor of the race.  With 2 laps remaining, Jacob made a power move to put a few lapped cars between him and Schweikart as the duo exited turn number four.  At the checkered flag it was Jacobus over Schweikart, Cochran, McVay and Scott Lutz.  Sixth through tenth were Dakota Schweikart, Josh Beamer, Garret Bard, Ryan Lynn, and Dylan Proctor.  Heat races were won by Proctor, McVay and Jacobus.

Marc Bitler of Williamsport led the opening laps of the Pro Stock feature.  Noah Kissinger battled with Bitler as Corey Long and Rich Fye were also in contention.   Noah Jensen, who started ninth, worked this way up through the field and broke into the top five on lap number three.  Two circuits later, Jensen was pressuring Bitler for the top position.  At the mid-way point of the race, Jensen led Long, Bitler, Kissinger, and AY Schilling.   As Jensen tried to distance himself from the field, the Pro Stocks drivers in 2nd through seventh jockeyed for position.  AY Schilling passed Bitler for the third spot on lap number 12 And Ray Rothfuss advanced into the top five in the final laps of the race.  At the finish, it was Jensen over Long, Schilling, Bitler and Rothfuss.   AJ Stroup finished sixth followed by Noah Kissinger, Tommy Dawson, Fye and Kevin VanAmburg.  Heat race winners were won by Shilling and Long. 

Timmy Bitner of Beech Creek had a stellar performance during the night by winning both the 270 and 600 Micro feature events.  Nick Whitesel lead the opening circuit of the 270 micro sprint feature.  Doug Reinard took the lead at the completion of lap number two.  On lap number four the red flag came when Jeffrey Weaver of Lock Haven rolled his sprint car in turn number four.   On the restart, Bitner who started ninth made the winning pass for the lead.   Whitesel, Reinard, Spotts and Jeff Haefke battled for 
the top five.   The caution waved on lap number 8 when Buddy Kramer and Levi Brungard stopped on the speedway.  That provided Whitesel and Reinard an opportunity to restart on Bitner’s back bumper.   Bitner passed a lapped car on the white flag lap and went on to record the win over Whitesel, Ethan Spotts, Jeff Haefke and Troy Whitesel.  Six through tenth were Dan Wertman, Logan Hammaker, Mitchell Holden, Kyler Shal and Dustin Roberts.  Heat races were won by Nick Whitesel, Troy Whitesel, and Weaver.

Bitner and Trevor Teats started on the front row of the 600 Micro Sprint feature event.  A four car accident on the opening lap in turn one brought out the red flag involving Garret Bard, Derek Swartz, Dan Tripoli, and Shawn Doebrick.  Mikey Smith of Scranton took the lead on the restart and appeared to be the fastest car of the night.  As Smith came through turns three and four, something on his car broke and ended his night.  Bitner then inherited the lead with AJ Bast, Jeffrey Weaver, Teats, and Tyson Mowery in the top five.   On lap number 6 the caution came out for Jeffrey Weaver.   As the race restarted, Bitner led Teats, Johnny Smith, Mowery, and Jeff Gyuina.  The top five racing order remained unchanged in the final laps, providing Bitner with his second win of the night.  Sixth through tenth were Mitchell Holden, AJ Bast, Weaver, Doebrick and Dermot Thompson.  Heat races were won by Bard and Weaver

Eric Miller and Jonathan Stringfellow led the full field of 4-Cylinders to the green flag.  Stringfellow led the opening laps of the race, before 4th place starter Sam Crevling took the lead on lap number 4.   The caution waved on lap number five for Virgil Meyer and again on lap number seven for Tim Muthler.   Creveling was strong on both restarts to hold off his challengers.  When the checkered flag waived, Creveling edged out Josh Morton for the win. Sterling Kepner was third over Tyler Watson and Michael Luther.  Sixth through tenth were Kennedey Courter, Scott Englert, Dylan Craft, Eric Miller, and Virgil Meyer.

In the Streetcar drag racing competition, Jeremy Swank of Somerset quickly became the crowd favorite.  Swank competed in a Dodge Neon in a field dominated by pick-up trucks.  A single elimination bracket was used to determine the finalist for the one lap drag race.  In the finals, Swank lined up again Stewart Majewsky of Houtzdale who was driving a Chevy 3500 HD Truck.  Majewsky had the lead as the duo exited turn two.  However, Swank carried his momentum out of the turns and caught the truck going down the back stretch. Swank made a pass for the lead as they entered turns three and four. The crowd cheered for Swank and his neon as he raced to the finish line to earn a trophy and $200 cash prize.  

The Clinton County Speedway returns to racing this Friday night for a 6 division racing program. The event presented by RC Bowman Excavating will feature the Lenny Stroud Jr. Memorial.  The Limited Late Model will race for $1,200 to win.  The RaceSaver Sprint Cars, Pro Stocks, 270 Micro Sprints, 600 Micro Sprints and 4 Cylinders will all compete for an additional $100 bonus.  All speedway championships will be decided as it is the final points event of the season.  Gates will open at 5:15PM and Racing will begin at 7:30PM.  For more information, visit or visit the speedway on Facebook

RaceSaver Sprint Cars: 1. Aaron Jacobus 2. Dale Schweikart 3. Tylor Cochran 4. Larry McVay 5. Scott Lutz 6. Dakota Schweikart 7. Josh Beamer 8. Garret Bard 9. Ryan Lynn 10. Dylan Proctor 11. Kristina Pratt 12. John Walp 13. Jeffrey Weaver 14. Jared Zionkowski 15. Andrew Jacobs 16. Dave Guss Jr. 17. Ian Cummins 18. Derek Hauck 19. Jenna Shotz 20 Tom Weise 21 Matt Tebbs 22. Reed Thompson 23. Josh Fox 24. Frank Rusnock 25. Jim Kennedy 26. Fred Arnold

Pro Stocks: 1. Noah Jensen 2. Cory Long 3. AY Schilling 4. Marc Bitler 5. Ray Rothfuss 6. AJ Stroup 7. Noah Kissinger 8. Tommy Dawson 9. Rich Fye 10. Kevin VanAmburg 11. Bradley Benton 12. Jason Smith 13. Danny Jensen 14. John Myers 15. Rooster Peters 16. Tod Geyer 17. Ron Shirk 18. Ron Majewski

270 Micro Sprints: 1. Timmy Bitner 2. Nick Whitesel 3. Ethan Spotts 4. Jeff Haefke 5. Troy Whitesel 6. Dan Wertman 7. Logan Hammaker 8. Mitchell Holden 9. Kyler Stahl 10. Dustin Roberts 11. Corbin Leiby 12. Hunter Zimmerman 13. John Roberts 14. Mathew Dixson 15. James Bigler 16. Doug Reinard 17. Preston Bierly 18. Buddy Kramer 19. Levi Brungard 20. Jeffrey Weaver 21. Bobby Sanso 22. Gary Keister

600 Micro Sprints: 1. Timmy Bitner 2. Trevor Teats 3. Johnny Smith 4. Tyson Mowery 5. Jeff Gyuina 6. Mitchell Holden 7. AJ Bast 8. Jeffrey Weaver 9. Shawn Doebrick 10. Dermot Thompson 11. Jay Corder 12. Joe Petyak 13. Dan Tripoli 14. Mikey Smith 15. Garrett Bard 16. Derek Swartz DNS Cody Hauck

4 Cylinders: 1. Sam Creveling 2. Josh Morton 3. Sterling Kepner 4. Tyler Watson 5. Michael Luther 6. Kennedey Courter 7. Scott Englert 8. Dylan Craft 9. Eric Miller 10. Virgil Myer 11. Chris Small 12. Skylar Witchley 13. Kyle Strouse 14. Chelsie Harris 15. Tim Muthler 16. Jonathan Stringfellow 17. Maddox Smith 18. Brett Shirk 19. Michael Boring 20. Matt Cauffman 21. Jimmy Delozier 22. Chris Orwig 23. William Kephart 24. Matthew Zimmerman. 

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