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HANOVER, Pa.: Tim McClelland and his crew were getting sick of the mishaps, and more important, the bent parts on his racecar.

Trail-Way Speedway rained out a week ago, which helped McClelland and Co. They got a chance to get things back together and give the car a thorough once-over before this week’s action.

 And McClelland didn’t disappoint. The Westminster, Md., ace took advantage of Steve Owings’ misfortune and collected the victory in the 25-Lap 358 Sprint Car main event Friday at Trail-Way Speedway.

 “Whenever we have an off week, we definitely make sure everything is buttoned up nice,” said McClelland after his third career 358 Sprint Car win at the speedway. “We had a lot to repair, and my Dad is getting tired of buying wings already. We’re on the third one, so his pocket is getting a little empty.

 “This was our third race here and one at Lincoln. I tipped over on my side over there in hot laps and looked like a fool, and then came back over here. It was just one thing after another, but it couldn’t feel any better than to be parked over here for a good night.”

 Steve Owings started on the pole and took the early lead with McClelland in tow. Within six laps, the two leaders found themselves in heavy lapped traffic.

 By the time the 10th circuit was scored, Owings distanced himself by .674 seconds. Three laps later, he increased that advantage to 1.335 seconds and was poised to cement his spot in Victory Lane.

 Everything changed on Lap 15 when Justice Forbes came to rest in Turn 2 with front end damage. Chris Frank also stopped in Turn 4, and Owings headed to the pit area with a right-rear flat. 

 McClelland was able to build a little bit of a cushion on the restart. Meanwhile, Cody Phillips ducked under Kyle Rohrbaugh in Turns 3 and 4 to take second on Lap 18.

 Phillips was running the middle of the speedway, while McClelland remained glued to the bottom. He closed to within .270 seconds with one lap to go, but McClelland had enough to take the victory.

 “Lapped traffic, when there’s a lot of cars like that, you have to definitely be more skilled than just riding around,” McClelland said. “Thanks to Galen [Kohler] for giving the ‘Get Over’ flag for when it was needed. They were all paying attention this week, so that’s good.

 “Two times ago when we were here, I actually ran over a lapped car. I thought I was passing for position, so that didn’t pan out too well. Definitely zero to hero in the last couple of weeks here. I destroyed the car over in Turn 3 last time we were here, and now we’re over here.”

 Phillips settled for second, with Rohrbaugh taking third. Steven Kisamore was fourth in his first race this season, and Owings came back to get fifth. Mike Bittinger finished sixth and received Big Mike’s Crabhouse Hard Charger honors. 

 “The real hard charger is Steve Owings, because he went right by me, and I thought, ‘Wait a minute, I thought you were leading?’ He got me right there at the end. If I would’ve got up on the wheel a little earlier, I might’ve got up farther.”  

Bradley Weber started on the outside pole and led all 20 laps of the 600 Micro Sprint main event. It was his 17th career 600 win at the speedway, which is tops on the all-time win list at the Hanover, Pa., facility. 

 Tyler Leese, Jim Young, Randy Kunkle Jr., and Travis Keiser completed the top five in the main event. 

 In the 20-Lap Street Stock main event, Kody Sites captured his first career win in the division at the speedway. 

Sam Rial led the first 13 circuits before pulling into the infield on the 14th circuit and caught fire. He was OK. Sites, who passed pole-sitter Danny Beard on Lap 12, took over at the front of the field and led the rest of the way to take the win. Dalton Myers, Danny Beard, Jimmy Combs and Zach Myers completed the top five.

 Robbie Carroll led all 15 circuits to claim the JWE Remodeling and Roofing Limited Stock Feature. Justin Oberlin, Wesley Miller, Chad Martin, and Shane Seville completed the top five. 

Trail-Way Speedway

Hanover, Pa.

Friday, June 4, 2021

For Immediate Release


Feature (25 Laps): 1. 6-Tim McClelland[2]; 2. 1-Cody Phillips[3]; 3. 12K-Kyle Rohrbaugh[4]; 4. 77K-Steven Kisamore[5]; 5. 35-Steve Owings[1]; 6. 12-Mike Bittinger[12]; 7. 69-Cameron Smith[11]; 8. 44-Steven Cox[7]; 9. 4-Kane Eichenlaub[14]; 10. 8CR-Mason Chaney[9]; 11. 17G-Devin Gundrum[10]; 12. (DNF) 00-Chris Frank[6]; 13. (DNF) X-Justice Forbes[8]; 14. (DNF) 26-Hank Donovan Jr[13]; 15. (DNF) 22B-Nat Tuckey[15]; 16. (DNF) 55-Tony Hippensteel II[16]; 17. (DNF) 13-Bo Gordon Jr[18]; 18. (DNS) 77-David Holbrook; 19. (DNS) 33-Riley Emig; 20. (DNS) 66A-Cody Fletcher. 

Lap Leaders: Steve Owings (1-15), Tim McClelland (16-25)

358 Sprint Car Heat 1 Finish (10 Laps/All Qualify): 1. 35-Steve Owings[1]; 2. 1-Cody Phillips[2]; 3. 00-Chris Frank[3]; 4. 8CR-Mason Chaney[4]; 5. 26-Hank Donovan Jr[6]; 6. 55-Tony Hippensteel II[7]; 7. (DNS) 33-Riley Emig. 

358 Sprint Car Heat 2 Finish (10 Laps/All Qualify): 1. 6-Tim McClelland[6]; 2. 12K-Kyle Rohrbaugh[2]; 3. 44-Steven Cox[7]; 4. 17G-Devin Gundrum[3]; 5. 4-Kane Eichenlaub[5]; 6. (DNF) 77-David Holbrook[1]; 7. (DNS) 66A-Cody Fletcher. 

358 Sprint Car Heat 3 Finish (10 Laps/All Qualify): 1. 12-Mike Bittinger[1]; 2. 77K-Steven Kisamore[4]; 3. X-Justice Forbes[2]; 4. 69-Cameron Smith[5]; 5. 22B-Nat Tuckey[6]; 6. (DNF) 13-Bo Gordon Jr[3]. 


Feature (20 Laps): 1. 17-Bradley Weber[2]; 2. 71-Tyler Leese[1]; 3. 8-Jim Young[3]; 4. 91-Randy Kunkle Jr[8]; 5. 42K-Travis Keiser[5]; 6. 44-Rodney Westhafer[6]; 7. 29-Daniel Bair[4]; 8. 2-Jude Siegel[7]; 9. 47-Scott Gesford[9]; 10. 92J-Joseph Bowling[10]; 11. (DNF) 43-Ryan Meekins[11]. 

Lap Leaders: Bradley Weber (1-20)

600 Micro Sprint Heat Finish (8 Laps/All Qualify): 1. 71-Tyler Leese[2]; 2. 17-Bradley Weber[4]; 3. 8-Jim Young[6]; 4. 29-Daniel Bair[3]; 5. 42K-Travis Keiser[7]; 6. 44-Rodney Westhafer[8]; 7. 2-Jude Siegel[5]; 8. 91-Randy Kunkle Jr[11]; 9. 47-Scott Gesford[10]; 10. 92J-Joseph Bowling[9]; 11. 43-Ryan Meekins[1]. 


Feature (20 Laps): 1. 99K-Kody Sites[2]; 2. 94-Dalton Myers[6]; 3. 60-Danny Beard[1]; 4. 54J-Jimmy Combs[9]; 5. 94M-Zachary Myers[14]; 6. 60A-Aaron Beard[5]; 7. 3D-Shane McQuay[12]; 8. 14-Kyle Saylor[13]; 9. 4J-Jim Jacobs[10]; 10. 83-Mikey Guise[16]; 11. 99X-Lawrence Flynn[11]; 12. 18-Bailey Tolson[15]; 13. 11S-Russell Shoop[8]; 14. (DNF) 81J-Jamie Zentmyer[4]; 15. (DNF) 2M-Sammy Rial[3]; 16. (DNF) 6T-Jacob Toney[7]. 

Lap Leaders: Sam Rial (1-13), Kody Sites (14-20)

Street Stock Heat 1 Finish (8 Laps/All Qualify): 1. 11S-Russell Shoop[1]; 2. 99K-Kody Sites[3]; 3. 81J-Jamie Zentmyer[2]; 4. 94-Dalton Myers[4]; 5. 54J-Jimmy Combs[7]; 6. 99X-Lawrence Flynn[5]; 7. (DNF) 14-Kyle Saylor[8]; 8. (DNF) 18-Bailey Tolson[6]. 

Street Stock Heat 2 Finish (8 Laps/All Qualify): 1. 2M-Sammy Rial[4]; 2. 60-Danny Beard[2]; 3. 60A-Aaron Beard[3]; 4. 6T-Jacob Toney[1]; 5. 4J-Jim Jacobs[7]; 6. 3D-Shane McQuay[5]; 7. 94M-Zachary Myers[8]; 8. 83-Mikey Guise[6]. 


Feature (15 Laps): 1. 69-Robbie Carroll[2]; 2. 88-Justin Oberlin[5]; 3. 87-Wesley Miller[7]; 4. 22-Chad Martin[6]; 5. 9X-Shane Seville[9]; 6. 99-Cody Klinedinst[1]; 7. 8-Tyler Kline[8]; 8. 82-Eric Moats[12]; 9. 74S-John Bumbaugh[14]; 10. 66-Louis Heffner III[13]; 11. (DNF) 77J-Robert Nicklow[17]; 12. (DNF) 36-Kyle Warnick[10]; 13. (DNF) 86S-Tom Spangler[4]; 14. (DNF) 46-Donald Smith[11]; 15. (DNF) 92-Terry Hartlaub[3]; 16. (DNF) 38-Jason Chronister[16]; 17. (DNS) 21-Ricky Weaver Jr. 

Lap Leaders: Robbie Carroll (1-15)

Limited Stock Heat 1 Finish (6 Laps/All Qualify): 1. 69-Robbie Carroll[3]; 2. 92-Terry Hartlaub[5]; 3. 88-Justin Oberlin[1]; 4. 87-Wesley Miller[4]; 5. 9X-Shane Seville[7]; 6. 46-Donald Smith[2]; 7. 66-Louis Heffner III[9]; 8. (DNF) 21-Ricky Weaver Jr[6]; 9. (DNS) 77J-Robert Nicklow. 

Limited Stock Heat 2 Finish (6 Laps/All Qualify): 1. 69-Robbie Carroll[3]; 2. 92-Terry Hartlaub[5]; 3. 88-Justin Oberlin[1]; 4. 87-Wesley Miller[4]; 5. 9X-Shane Seville[7]; 6. 46-Donald Smith[2]; 7. 66-Louis Heffner III[9]; 8. (DNF) 21-Ricky Weaver Jr[6]; 9. (DNS) 77J-Robert Nicklow

Photo: Tim Basehore (WRT Speedwerx)

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