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Bard and Duke Share Sprint Car Spotlight at Clinton County Speedway


Mill Hall – The Clinton County Speedway kicked off the Fourth of July weekend with a Sprint Car double header.  Garrett Bard of Wells Tannery and Ken Duke Jr of Selinsgrove each claimed a victory over a stellar field of RaceSaver sprint cars.  AY Schilling of Linden won the Pro Stock feature while Timmy Bittner of Beech Creek scored a pair of victories, claiming the 270 and 600 Micro Sprint feature events. 

The first sprint car feature had Garrett Bard and Josh Beamer on the front row of the 25 lap main event.   Bard jumped to the early lead with Beamer, Dale Schweikart, John Walp and Dustin Prettyleaf in pursuit.   With a full field of racecars, Bard and company quickly caught the back of the pack by the fourth circuit and began working their way through lapped traffic.   On lap number six, Beamer was closing in on Bard and while trying to keep pace with Bard through lapped traffic, he attempted to put a slide job on a lapped car, but the two cars tangled causing Andrew Boyer’s car to flip in turn number two.   Beamer suffered a flat tire and had to go to the pits. 

Bard, Walp, Schweikart, Prettyleaf and Jared Zionkowski were the top five, as the green flag waved for the restart.   Again, Bard was strong on the restart and quickly caught the rear of the field by the completion of lap number ten.  Zionkowski, who started twelfth, was the driver on the move and utilized the top side of the speedway to maneuver through the lapped traffic.  A late race caution occurred on lap number 17, when Jeffrey Weaver spun in turn number four.   Bard was flawless on this restart and was able to hold off the challenges of Walp for the win.   Zionkowski finished third, Schweikart was fourth and Ryan Lynn completed the top five.  Sixth through tenth were Dustin Prettyleaf, Devin Brenam, Andrew Jacobus, Scott Lutz, and Ken Duke.

In the second RaceSaver Sprint Car event, Scott Lutz started on the pole position and led the field to the green flag.   Second place starter Ken Duke and fourth place starter Jared Zionkowski chased Lutz during the opening laps.  Duke pressured Lutz for several laps, as the duo ran wheel to wheel for the top position.   Duke finally executed the pass for the lead by the completion of lap number eight.   Eighth place starter, Robbie Bartchy worked his way into the top five and was quickly advancing towards the front.   The event ran non-stop till the first caution occurred on lap number 21, when Dominic Meliar and Josh Beamer spun.  On the restart, several cars tangled to bring out the event’s second caution flag.  Duke brought the field back to speed as Lutz and Bartchy battled for the runner up position.  When the checkered flag waved, Duke claimed his seventh career victory as the speedway over Bartchy took second away from Lutz, followed by Zionkowski and Walp.  Sixth through tenth were Dale Schweikart, Mike Alleman, Derek Hauck, Ryan Lynn, and Tylor Cochran.  Four heat races and a B-main were needed for the field of 33 Sprints.  Heats were won by Bartchy, Alleman, Duke and Zionkowski.  Mike Melair won the B-Main. 

Lady driver Sierra Hauck led the opening laps of the 600 Micro Sprint feature event.  Fourth place starter Timmy Bittner quickly took over the second spot.  On lap number three, the red flag came out when Kyle Knopp rolled his sprint car.   Hauck led the field of gentlemen for two more circuits, until Timmy Bittner took the top position.  Cody Hauck followed Bittner and shuffled Sierra Hauck back to third.   The remainder of the event went caution free, with Bittner holding off the husband-wife duo of Cody and Sierra Hauck, Dexter Strawser and Jeffrey Weaver.  Sixth through tenth were Jeff Gyuina, Travis Kelser, Mitchell Holden, James Layton and Knopp.  Heats were won by Weaver and Cody Hauck.

Cory Stabley and Mitchell Holden led the field of 270 Micro Sprints to the green flag.  Stabley led the first three laps.  Following a lap three caution, seventh place starter Timmy Bittner made a pass on the restart to take the top position.  Jeffrey Weaver who started tenth followed Bittner to take the runner up position.  At the halfway mark of the event, Bittner led Weaver, Stabley, Skeetz Hockenbrock and Bobby Sanso.   A lap twelve caution slowed the field, but Bittner was too strong for Weaver on the restart and claimed the win to sweep, both micro sprint victories on the evening.   “This is the second time, we have been able to win both features in one night,” said an excited Bittner in victory lane.  Weaver finished second, followed by Hockenbrock.  Shaun Musser made a late race charge to finish fourth with Sanso completing the top five.   Sixth through tenth were Zachery Glass, Corey Stabley, Logan Hammaker, Matthew Dixon, and Mac Wert.  Heat races were won by Hockenbrock, Bittner and Glass. 

In Pro Stock competition, AY Schilling and Robert Tressler started on the front row.   Tressler took command of the field to lead the opening laps of the event.   Third place starter Noah Jensen edged out Schilling at the start-finish line for the runner up position, as the two racers battled for the runner up position.   Schilling finally took over the position on lap number five.   A caution on lap number seven, bunched the field on Tressler’s rear bumper.   Schilling used the restart to his advantage and made a pass for the lead as the cars raced down the back stretch.   Schilling maintained a slim lead, as three cars were battling for second.  Corey Long, who started fifth, joined Tressler and Jensen for a contested battle for second place. On lap number thirteen, Long took over second.  On the final lap, Schilling held off long, while Tressler rallied for third over a heated battle with Jensen who finished fourth and Brandon Moser finished fifth.  “The competition in this division is the strongest it has ever been,” said Schilling.  “I’m just thankful to finally get back to victory lane.”  Sixth through tenth were Jason Smith, Rooster Peters, Kris Orwig Sr., Gary Mellott and Todd Geyer.  Heat races were won by Long and Moser.

The four cylinder feature was curfewed out after running two laps and will be completed on a later date.  Heat races were won by Jimmy Moyer, Maddox Smith, and John Bower

The Clinton County Speedway returns with racing next Friday, July 9th with a five division show.  The event is presented by Century 21 and real estate agent Bob Boob.  The evening will feature kid’s power wheel races plus the Limited Late Models, Pro Stocks, 270 Micro Sprints, 600 Micro Sprints and double 4 Cylinder features.  Gates will open at 5PM, hot-laps begin at 7PM and racing is at 7:30.  For more speedway information visit the website, or visit the speedway’s social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 





SPRINTS Feature #1: 1. Garrett Bard, 2. John Walp 3. Jared Zionkowski 4. Dale Schweikart 5. Ryann Lynn 6. Dustin Prettyleaf 7. Devin Brenam 8. Andrew Jacobus 9. Scott Lutz 10. Ken Duke Jr. 11. Matt Tebbs 12. Dakota Schweikart 13. Ian Cumens 14. Mike Alleman 15. Jeffrey Weaver 16. Reed Thompson 17. Jarrett Cavalet 18. Cody Hackenberry 19. Corey Brungard 20. Mariah Romig 21. Todd Lynn 22. Josh Beamer 23. Andrew Boyer DNS: Austin Greenland, Frank Rusnock


SPRINTS Feature #2: 1. Ken Duke Jr. 2. Robbie Bartchy 3 Scott Lutz 4. Jared Zionkowski 5. John Walp 6. Dale Schweikart 7. Mike Alleman 8. Derek Hauck 9. Ryan Lynn 10. Tylor Cochran 11. Garrett Bard 12. Todd Lynn 13. Josh Beamer 14. Jeffrey Weaver 15. Ian Cumens 16. Jarrett Cavalet 17. Larry McVay 18. Mike Melair 19. Cody Hackenberry 20. Matt Tebbs 21. Kristina Pratt 22. Dakota Schweikart 23 Domenic Melair 24. Andrew Jacobs DNS:  Reed Thompson, Dustin Prettyleaf, Devin Brenam, Mariah Romig, Corey Brungard, Neil Petock, Josh Fox Heat Races: Robbie Bartchy, Mike Allman, Ken Duke Jr. Jared Zionkowski Cosi: Mike Melair


Pro Stocks: 1. AY Schilling, 2. Cory Long 3. Robert Tessler 4. Noah Jensen 5. Brandon Moser 6. Jason Smith 7. Rooster Peters 8. Kris Orwig, Sr. 9. Gary Mellott 10 Todd Geyer DNS: Marc Bitler, Rich Fye, Mark Phillips Heats:  Long & Moser


270 Micro Sprints: 1. Timmy Bittner 2. Jeffrey Weaver 3. Skeetz Hockenbrock 4. Shaun Musser 5. Bobby Sanso 6. Zachary Glass 7. Cory Stabley 8. Logan Hammaker 9. Matthew Dixson 10. Mac Wert 11. Michell Holden 12. Levi Brungard 13. Tom Quiggle 14. Jillian Maurer 15. Jim Howard 16. JR Howard DNS Sam Chamberlin, Wyatt Rotz, Rich Damore, Jaegan Keeney, Aidan Adams Heats: Hockenbrock, Bittner, JR Howard

600 Micro Sprints: 1. Timmy Bittner 2. Cody Hauck 3. Sierra Hauck 4. Dexter Strawser 5. Jeffrey Weaver 6. Jeff Gyuina 7. Travis Keiser 8. Mitchell Holden 9. James Layton 10. Kyle Knopp DNS Eric Knopp Heats:  Weaver, Cody Hauck

Four Cylinders: Feature curfewed out after 2 laps, to be completed later.  Heat Races: Jimmy Moyer, Maddox Smith, John Bower.

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