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Cochran Capitalizes on Stroud Memorial for Second Consecutive Year


MILL HALL, PA – Williamsport’s Matt Cochran parked his number 16 Limited Late Model in victory lane for the second consecutive year for the Lenny Stroud Jr. Memorial race, earning $1,450 for the night. Other winners included Brandon Moser in the Pro Stocks, Timmy Bittner in the 270 Micro Sprints, Trevor Teats in the 600 Micro Sprints and Blake Snyder in the 4 Cylinders.


Cochran and Joe Loffredo led the field of Limited Late Models to the green flag for the 25 lap main event.  The Lenny Stroud Memorial Jr. Memorial was also the final points race for the Limited Late Models, as three drivers were in contention for the season championship including points leader Andrew Yoder, Mike Smith, and Jim Yoder. 


Cochran took the early lead with Loffredo and Jim Yoder on his back bumper.  The field with slowed on lap three for a spin in turn two.   The caution came out again on lap four when three cars tangled in turn four.   By the completion of lap number six Cochran was leading Jim Yoder, Loffredo, Andrew Yoder, Jennea Piper, Jakob Piper and Smith.  


On lap number nine, Smith’s car slowed coming down the front stretch to bring out the caution.  Smith took his car back to the pit area, ending his chances of contending for the championship.  Upon the restart, Cochran raced into turn one with Jim Yoder, Joe Loffredo, Andrew Yoder and Jakob Piper in the top five.   By lap 15, the leaders started to encounter lapped traffic.  Andrew Yoder took the third spot away on lap number 16 and Piper took the fourth spot away shuffling Loffredo back to fifth.  


With three laps remaining, the Yoders while battling for second briefly touched.  Andrew Yoder stopped on the front stretch to bring out the caution.   Andrew took his car to the pit area, but rejoined the back of field for the restart.   With Andrew Yoder being able to restart, with three laps to go the championship battled would require his uncle Jim Yoder to win to claim the championship.  


As the drivers came back to green flag racing, Cochran again executed a flawless restart with Jim Yoder glued to his back bumper.  Andrew Yoder, coming from the tail of the field, passed a few cars down the front stretch, however, as he headed into turn number one something mechanical in the steering broke crashing his #2 race car into the turn one wall. The driver was ok, but was a misfortune as the points races would be decided by the outcome of the final three laps.  The restart had Cochran, Yoder, Jakob Piper, Jennea Piper and Loffredo in the top five.   The final three circuits, the top five remained unchanged as Cochran claimed the victory.


“It’s been a rough season,” said an emotional Cochran in victory lane.   “We hurt a motor early in the season and it was difficult to get the needed parts.  It feel great to get a win, especially when it’s the Stroud Memorial.”   Jim Yoder was recognized as the 2021 champion in the Late Model division.  Sixth through tenth were Nick Loffredo, Tom Decker, Jr, Denny Fourney, Tim Luben, and Marvin Williams.

 Heat races were won by Smith and Andrew Yoder.


Gary Mellott and Robert Tressler led the field of Pro Stocks for their Summer Championship presented by Leonard Landscape Supply to the green flag.  Tressler took the early lead with third place starter, AJ Stroup trying to chase him down.   At the completion of lap number five, Tressler led Stoup, AJ Hoffman, Brandon Moser and AY Schilling.   Stoup made a pass for the lead and took the top spot by the completion of lap number six.   At the half way mark of the event, Moser passed Tressler for the runner up position.   On lap number 16, the events only caution occurred when Gary Mellot slowed on the back stretch.   The restart would make for an interesting finish among the top runners with Stroup leading Moser, Tressler, Hoffman and Cory Long.   For the final four laps, Moser would try to pass Stroup in a drag race to the start-finish line.  Stroup edged Moser by a nose on every lap.  One again on the final lap the two raced each other hard looking to win the race.   At the finish, Moser claimed the victory by a mere .018 seconds over Stroup, Tressler, Long and Hoffman.  Sixth through tenth were AY Schilling, Noah Jenson, Tommy Dawson, Rich Fye and Todd Geyer.  Heats were won by Jensen and Tressler.


Tyler Clowes and Mathew Dixon started on the front row of the 270 Micro Sprint feature.   Dickson led the first circuit with Clowes taking the lead by the completion of lap number two.   The caution waved on lap number 5 for an accident in turn four involving Dixson and Mike Shuckers.  The restart had Clowes leading Logan Hammaker, Shawn Musser, Timmy Bittner and Denny Rhinehimer.  Clowes continued to pace the field as Bittner began to move his way to the front.   On lap number 11, Bittner made the winning pass.  Bittner would take the checkered flag over Clowes, Rhinehimer, Jeffery Weaver, and Nick Whitesel.  Sixth through tenth were Skeetz Hockenbrock, Hammaker, Troy Whitesel, Mitchell Holden, and Corey Stanley.  Heat races were won by Shuckers, Hammaker, and Nick Whitesel.


In 600 Micros Sprint action, Trevor Teats and Derek Swartz led the field to the start.   Teats took the lead with fourth place starter Timmy Bittner running in second.  Fifth place starter Johnny Smith moved into thrived position on lap number five.   At the midway mark ,Teats lead Bittner, Smith, Dexter Strawser, and Dustin Roberts. The event ran caution free,  with Teats leading every lap.  Smith took second away from Bittner on lap number twelve.  At the finish it as Teats, Smith Bittner, Stawser and Jeffrey Weaver.  Sixth through tenth were Roberts, Jeff Gyuina, Stone Keller, Mitchell Holden and Dan Tripoli.  Heat races were won by Bittner and Smith.  


Coty Maines and Josh Thompson started on the front row of the 4 Cylinder feature event.   Maines took the lead with 6th place starter Tim Raup taking the second spot.  On lap number five, the caution came out for Jimmy Moyer whose car caught on fire.  The driver was ok.  Maines and Raup continued to lead the field, with Blake Snyder,  Dillan Craft and Ryan Unger in the top five.   The top five would remain unchanged in the race to the checkered.   Following post race inspections, Maines and Raup were disqualified.  Snyder was credited with the win over Craft, Unger, Maddox Smith and Thompson.  Sixth through tenth were Damon Hand, Anthony Potter, Jimmy Moyer, Dillan Hoover and Andrew Rickets.  Heats were won by Moyer, Chris Small and Smith.


The Clinton County Speedway returns this Friday with another 5 division show featuring the RaceSaver Sprints,  Pro Stocks, 270 Micro Sprints, 600 Micro Sprints and the Four Cylinders.  Gates Open at 5PM, Hotlaps at 7PM and Racing at 7:30.  For more speedway information visit




Limited Late Models: 1. Matt Cochran. 2. Jim Yoder 3.  Jakob Piper, 4. Jennea Piper 5.. Nick Loffredo 6.. Nick Loffredo 7. Tom Decker Jr. 8. Denny Fourney 9. Tim Luben 10. Marvin Williams 11. Kyle Bachman 12. Len stroud Sr. 13.  Andrew Yoder 14. Mike Smith 15.. Mike Horne 16. Steve Scaifer Jr 17 Tom Decker III


Pro Stocks: 1.. Brandon Moser 2. AJ Stroup 3. Robert Tressler 4. AJ Hoffman 5. Cory Long 6. AY Schilling 7 Noah Jensen 8. Tommy Dawson 9. Rich Fye 10 Todd Geyer. 11. Rooster Peters 12. Noah Kissinger 13. Gary Mellott DNS. Ray Rothfuss


270s. 1. Timmy Bittner 2. Tyler Clowes 3. Denny Rhinehimer 4. Jeffrey Weaver 5.. Nick Whitesel 6, Skeetz hockenbrock 7. Logan Hammaker 8. Troy Whitesel 9. Mitchell Holden 10. Cory Stabley. 11. Ryan Bower 12. Hunter Zimmerman 13. Levi Brungard 14. Mason Peters 15. Brad Snyder 16. Shaun Musser 17. Mike Schuckers 18. Matthew Disxon 19. Frank Gentile DNS. Mac Wert, Haden Walizer.


600s: 1. Trevor Teats 2. Johnny Smith 3. Timmy Bittner 4. Dexter Stawser 5. Jeffrey Weaver 6. Dustin Roberts 7. Jeff Gyuina 8. Stone Keller 9. Mitchell Holden 10. Dan Tripoli 11. Derek Swartz DNS.  Nick Wood.


Four Cylinders 1. Blake Snyder 2.. Dillan Craft 3. Ryan Unger 4. Maddox Smith 5. Joshua Thompson 6. Damon Hand 7. Anthony Potter 8. Jimmy Moyer 9.. Dillan Hoover 10. Andrew Rickets 11. Chloe Smith12. Bryan Hackenberg 13. Joey Snook 14. Zach Rill 15. Kyle Strouse 16.. Hunter Flook 17. Keith Haagen 18. Donald Wynn 19. Chris Small. 20. Tim Muthler 21. Justin Markel 22. Johnny Stingfellow 23. Gage Wilson 24. Brett Shirk

 DQ Coty Maines, Tim Raup

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