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Borden Wires For Williams Grove Sprints Win, Dietrich Puts On Passing Clinic Josh Weller wins oval first in URC Sprints


Mechanicsburg – Devon Borden wired the field from the pole to pick up the second win of his career at Williams Grove Speedway on Friday night, taking $5,500 for his 25 laps of work.

Borden took the win ahead of Danny Dietrich, who put on a passing clinic after starting 17th in the field.

In the 25-lap URC Sprint main it was Josh Weller scoring the first oval win of his career.

Borden’s pace with the lead was halted on the second lap when the cars of Aaron Bollinger and Dylan Cisney tangled in the third turn.

Bollinger’s mount was destroyed.

Borden restarted ahead of Mark Smith when the green replaced the yellow but Brent Shearer soon got by Smith for second.

Shearer was riding the top groove while Borden preferred the inside lane and soon Shearer began biting into Borden’s lead as the race progressed.

And by lap seven Shearer was knocking on the door for control.

At that point Borden changed lanes around the big half-mile and went up top to begin pulling away as Smith retook the runner up spot.

Meanwhile, from the back of the pack, Danny Dietrich was blasting low and high, darting around the oval to pass cars at will at a blistering pace.

By lap 10, Dietrich was riding sixth in the field.

At the halfway point, Borden had Smith, Shearer, Freddie Rahmer and Tyler Ross in the top five.

As Borden circled the track with the lead, Rahmer battled with Ross first and then Shearer before taking third with eight laps to go and Dietrich soon followed him into fourth.

The leader entered the backmarkers with five laps to go and Borden quickly got held up by cars racing for position just in front.

Smith was bearing down on Borden for the lead when another red flag appeared with four laps to go for seventh runner Alan Krimes who stopped on the track with a fire in the engine compartment.

Borden pulled away on the restart as Dietrich dispatched Rahmer before getting around Smith for second with a lap to go.

However Dietrich would come up one spot short thanks to time running out as Borden took the checkers some 2.5 seconds ahead at the finish.

Smith rode home third followed by Rahmer and Ross.

Sixth through 10th went to Brandon Rahmer, Justin Whittall, Lucas Wolfe, Shearer and Cisney.

Heats went to Borden and Shearer.

Borden drew the third starting spot for the URC main and was eyeing a sweep of the night before his plans went awry as the field began the second lap.

Tyler Brehm entered the first turn with the lead only to see Derek Hauck make contact with the back of his car, turning him sideways as he flew sideways up across the speedway.

Doug Hammaker blasted into the scene, dislodging Hauck but also collecting Borden against the outside rail.

Hauck got the point for the restart followed by Steve Buckwalter, Nash Ely and Josh Weller.

Buckwalter drove by for control when action restarted and threatened to pull away but Weller motored into second on lap six and began tracking him down.

It took seven more laps until Weller caught the leader, using the inside lane to run him down and then drive by.

Buckwalter seemed to find some speed after getting passed up for control and was coming back on Weller for the lead, running to Weller’s outside in the third and fourth turns when a spun car in the fourth corner forced a yellow flag.

The caution period settled the pace and cleared the track for Weller who made good on the opportunity to get the $1,500 victory.

Buckwalter was just under two seconds back at the finish followed by Derek Locke.

Borden blasted back to the front after restarting at the rear to end up fourth.

Hauck rode home fifth.

Sixth through 10th went to Lucas Wolfe, Nash Ely, Jason Shultz, Jake Karklin and Cody Fletcher.

Heats for the 32-car field went to Adam Carberry, Shultz, Hauck and Buckwalter with Mike Thompson scoring the consolation race.

Feature Finishes

410 sprint cars, 25 laps: 1. Devon Borden, 2. Danny Dietrich, 3. Mark Smith, 4. Freddie Rhamer, 5. Tyler Ross, 6. Brandon Rahmer, 7. Justin Whittall, 8. Lucas Wolfe, 9. Brent Shearer, 10. Dylan Cisney, 11. Kyle Moody, 12. Dylan Norris, 13. TJ Stutts, 14. Jordan Givler, 15. Alan Krimes, 16. Troy Fraker, 17. Chase Dietz, 18. Rick Lafferty, 19. Aaron Bollinger

URC Sprints, 25 laps: 1. Josh Weller, 2. Steve Buckwalter, 3. Derek Locke, 4. Devon Borden, 5. Derek Hauck, 6. Lucas Wolfe, 7. Nash Ely, 8. Jason Shultz, 9. Jake Karklin, 10. Cody Fletcher, 11. Adam Carberry, 12. Mike Thompson, 13. Dallas Schott, 14. Andy Best, 15. Frankie Herr, 16. Devin Adams, 17. Jayden Wolfe, 18. Hayden Miller, 19. Brandon McGough, 20. Craig Pellegrini, 21. Jesse Pruchnik, 22. Ken Meisner, 23. Troy Betts, 24. Tyler Brehm, 25. Doug Hammaker

DNQ: Ryan Stillwaggon, Tyler Templin, Alyson Dietz, Denny Gross, Tim Stallings, Cameron Merriman, Brett Rose

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