Tuesday, April 05, 2022

Selinsgrove Ford Offers $5,000 “Ten for Ten” Bonus for PA Speedweek


Mechanicsburg, PA (March 12, 2022) – Pennsylvania Speedweek is pleased to announce that Selinsgrove Ford will offer a $5,000 bonus to a driver who is able to score a top ten finish in all ten PA Speedweek feature events.

“Selinsgrove Ford is recognized for excellence in customer service and this $5,000 bonus rewards on track excellence during the ten race PA Speedweek series”, said Selinsgrove Ford president Todd Benner. “Built Ford Tough is our motto, and it is a perfect description for a driver who is tough enough to finish in the top ten in every Speedweek event”.

The $5,000 bonus award will be offered for the 2022 PA Speedweek series. A minimum of seven feature events are required for the bonus to be in effect. If more than one driver accomplishes all top ten finishes, the driver with the highest point total will win the $5,000 bonus.

If no competitor can record all top ten finishes, bonus money will still be paid out. Selinsgrove Ford will present a $1,000 bonus to the driver with the most top ten feature finishes during PA Speedweek. The driver with the highest point total will receive the bonus money in the case of a tie.

The Selinsgrove Ford “Ten for Ten” bonus will create interest and excitement during the entire series right down to the final night of PA Speedweek on Sunday, July 3 at the Selinsgrove Speedway. 

The schedule for the 32nd annual PA Sprint Speedweek:

Friday, June 24 - Williams Grove Speedway

Saturday, June 25 – Lincoln Speedway

Sunday, June 26 – BAPS Motor Speedway

Monday, June 27 – Lincoln Speedway

Tuesday, June 28 – Grandview Speedway

Wednesday, June 29 - Port Royal Speedway

Thursday, June 30 - Hagerstown Speedway

Friday, July 1 - Williams Grove Speedway

Saturday, July 2 - Port Royal Speedway

Sunday, July 3 – Selinsgrove Speedway [rain date: July 4]



In the heart of the PA Posse’s home, Central PA’s marquee event, Pennsylvania Sprint Speedweek, has a storied history of being the most anticipated week of racing for 31 years. The coveted title has been won by some of the biggest names in sprint car racing including, Fred Rahmer, Greg Hodnett, Danny Dietrich and Lance Dewease. 2021 NASCAR Champion Kyle Larson has also inked his name in the record books as a PA Speedweek Champion. In addition to his championship Larson and fellow NASCAR star, Christopher Bell, have Speedweek wins on their resume. It truly is one of the greatest spectacles in dirt track racing and a must attend event for any race fan.

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